In addition to its strategic location at the end of the future Toll Road connecting the hinterland of East Africa with Dar es Salaam and its relaxing environment for an overnight stay before submerging in the traffic of the mega city of Dar, the Pugu Hills location has several advantages.

The natural setting and peacefull surroundings will not only attrack travellers from upcountry and neighbouring countries but also business travellers and tourists looking for a hotel close to Nyerere International Airport which is just 12km from the premises.

The forested 6.3 hectare will absorb most of the sound produced by the 6 lane highway. Also the temperature on the hilly premises is several degrees lower than in Town as a result of the elevation (140 masl) and the Pugu Forest Reserve bordering in the west. The Forest lowers fine dust and produces healthy oxygen levels, a welcome change and pleasent experience for the visitors.

The overnight accommodation is on the southern foothill of the Pugu Forest while the Restaurant, Swimming Pool and other utility buildings are on the northern foothill. The premises provides various wellness and fitness opportunities like swimming, a 1KM nature trail and sportsgrounds. Situated on the foothills a superb view of the surroundings is provided even when swimming in the natural pool!